A New Loft Opens . .

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Jeff & Pat (Pembroke Dock, ! Wales !, United Kingdom) on 12 March 2019 in Animal & Insect.

Young Lad a few gardens away from us has just started his own Pigeon Loft so we are looking forward to a lot more Pigeon Piccies .

Devi from Chennai, India

wow..lovely capture of these birds in flight against the sky and clouds !!
Aw!! So, you bunked from the cooking schedule today !! May be you will tomorrow ?

12 Mar 2019 5:20am

@Devi: Thanks D , plans changed i'm up to my elbows in flour on Thursday now ....Have you heard of Devonshire Splits ??? .

Vaido from Võrumaa, Estonia

Pigeon Loft, hmm... I just got an idea for a picture for tomorrow :)

12 Mar 2019 8:35am

@Vaido: Can't wait !! ..

Ralf Kesper from Fröndenberg, Germany

Very nice flying study.

12 Mar 2019 8:50am

@Ralf Kesper: Thanks Ralf ..

grouser from Ludlow, United Kingdom

Rather that than droppings :)

12 Mar 2019 10:27am

@grouser: Aerial Muck Spreaders ??? ... But they make for a good shot . ;>)

beach from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

If we all were as lucky as you!

12 Mar 2019 11:29am

@beach: Now I know their flying I can plan my shots ...

Ruthiebear from Titusville, United States

Oh how lovely to see them in flight against the blue sky!

12 Mar 2019 2:23pm

@Ruthiebear: And the sound as their going past is amazing .

B. Thomas from Arlington, Texas, United States

Cool shot. What is a Pigeon Loft?

12 Mar 2019 3:56pm

@B. Thomas: Basically it's a fancy shed where you keep and feed your birds. but check it on Google, there's a lot more to it . ;>)

Existence Artistique from Angers, France

bien ce bleu

12 Mar 2019 4:33pm

@Existence Artistique: The sky is what it is ...

grouser from Ludlow, United Kingdom

But they make for a good shot . ;>)

are we talking pigeon pie here ? :)

12 Mar 2019 7:30pm

@grouser: Their racing birds so not a lot of meat, but Rabbit Pie is so much nicer . ;>))

Elaine Hancock from Olney, United States

A spectacular image of these birds in flight! Beautiful light and color!

13 Mar 2019 12:33am

@Elaine Hancock: Glad you like it !! . . .

Devi from Chennai, India

Devonshire Splits..
I went into Google..
Yummy stuff !!! I think I will make these . I have all the ingredients too!

So..I have to wait till Friday to see those ! Fine..I can have them for the weekend !!
may be I'll take the next flight to London :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

13 Mar 2019 4:53am

@Devi: Bet yours will be better than mine, can't wait to see . ;>))

Devi from Chennai, India

You will have to wait Jeff.
Am yet to start working in the kitchen..may be next month..After my hospitalisation I have been asked to avoid kitchen work for a few more days.But I bet, this will be the first thing that I will make once I start cooking ! It does not need effort at all! But...sigh !! No one will listen to me ! !! As of now, the only thing I do is make tea at 3 p m :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

14 Mar 2019 4:12pm

@Devi: Listen to medics they spent years learning their trade, so put your feet up while you can and enjoy it . Pat xx & Jeff . ;>))