Cat-Nap ..

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Jeff & Pat (Pembroke Dock, ! Wales !, United Kingdom) on 9 March 2016 in Animal & Insect.

A box on the floor is an Alfie magnet . . .

grouser from Ludlow, United Kingdom

'a cat in a box'. Will he spring to life now the flap is open.... not likely :)

9 Mar 2016 10:31am

@grouser: When he hears his food dish being put down is the time to get out of his way..He takes no prisoners ...

beach from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

What? No hat! Looks cozy.

9 Mar 2016 11:29am

@beach: If you want to know the comfiest seat in the house, follow the Cat . ;>))

Shiva from Berwick, Canada

I can just hear her purr !!!!!! And she has to do with bubble-wrap ??!! Great capture Pat or Jeff ---
Hugs Monika

9 Mar 2016 3:29pm

@Shiva: We had just emptied the box, and I came back to take it to the shed, To Late Alfie had taken up residence . ;>))

Ruthiebear from Titusville, NJ, United States

GLad to see ALfie is still making himself at home. WHy do cats love boxes? Give him a nice pet from me.

9 Mar 2016 6:29pm

@Ruthiebear: No sooner said than done, he loves a good smooth . ><

Alun from Elton, United Kingdom

Very cute. I can't believe he's not glued to your lap.

9 Mar 2016 6:56pm

@Alun: You know Alfie he's a free spirit, he comes and goes as he pleases .....

ursulakatariina from Turku, Finland

Cats and boxes... I think I'll need to show our cat box soon. :)
Here is a link to a Finnish comic strip, the only word there says "Cats": Awful nature :D

9 Mar 2016 6:57pm

@ursulakatariina: Every cat we've ever had has been a box squatter, I think it's in their "dna". ;>)
I tried the link, but I must have printed something wrong..Thanks anyway ! .

Vaido from Võrumaa, Estonia

Almost gift-wrapped fellow :)

9 Mar 2016 7:05pm

@Vaido: Well spotted but he draws the line at bows and ribbons . ;>))

L'Angevine from Angers, France


10 Mar 2016 8:39am

@L'Angevine: Content que tu amies ca . ;>)